As I entered my 40's I began to feel invisible.  With kids and a marriage that was good but had the shine worn off it and a few extra pounds on me, I didn't feel pretty anymore.  I knew I wasn't the only one.

There has always been a big chunk of my heart that LOVES empowering women.  To help them feel beautiful.  Special. To remind them that they are good enough to be loved exactly the way they are.  

I thought - What if I can show them what other people see? You know, they way you look extra beautiful to someone you care about? The love goggles thing.

So I spent two years educating myself on posing, lighting, hair and makeup and practicing until I felt I got it right.

And now I have studio and made it a space that is luxurious and private and where a bit of pampering is in order.  Because we all need to be reminded sometimes of how beautiful we are and then  have pictures to prove it.


The Studio:


1109 Maunakea Street, Suite 202

Honolulu, HI  96817


Parking:  1131 Maunakea Street (paid parking lot - no posted address)