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2013 San Francisco Inspirational Wall Calendar

This 12 month wall calendar features beautiful photos taken around the city San Francisco and includes words and quotes designed to inspire you throughout the year.


  • Photos, design, layout, inspiration and perspiration by Laura Metzger
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"
  • Binding: Saddle Stitch
  • Cover: 10 pt Gloss Paper
  • Inside Pages: 80 lb Gloss Paper
  • Includes: 3/16" hole for hanging
  • Printed in the USA on recycled material using soy based inks.


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“Photography is not just about taking pictures, for me it is an art form, a way to express yourself.” –Laura

Unlike most kids growing up on the sunny, sleepy north shore of Oahu Hawaii, Laura dreamed of the big city, where vibrant life and getting lost in the crowds of New York or San Francisco seemed a much more attractive alternative to trade winds, small beach towns and slippers. She says, “When I was a teenager I was at Waimea (Beach) looking at the blue water and thinking that I should feel lucky. I just didn’t.”

In 1989 she got her chance and moved her new husband and young daughter Tihani to the San Francisco bay area. “We struggled, but managed.” she recalls.

“I remember the first time I saw the city. I was driving across the Bay Bridge and watching the city come into view in complete awe. It was night and the buildings were lit up yet swathed in a thick fog. It was magical, like nothing I had ever seen. In that moment, I fell absolutely, ridiculously, head-over-heels in love with the city of San Francisco.” she says.Settling in, Laura’s dreams of the big city life blossomed into full, living color. Great energy, culture shock, amazing art and fabulous boots (but not so many slippers).

Three years later life had her moving back to Hawaii. She hated leaving and cried on the plane the whole way back feeling as if she were leaving a piece of her soul in that wonderful west coast city.

Back on Oahu she picked up the pieces of her life, remarried and built a home in Kailua where she still lives. It was here that she began an inward journey to discover happiness and contentment with life. Those answers eventually arrived in many forms including two more children, Nick and Chris, with her husband of now 16 years, Mike, canoe paddling and of course photography.

Out of that inward journey also came a passion for life, inspiration, and most importantly, peace. Since that day Laura has been looking for a way to pass that inspiration along to others if even in some small way.

Her vision for this calendar began it’s own journey into reality in mid 2012 with an unfortunate phone call that her brother was very ill. Jumping on a plane to go see him brought her back to the city she has always held dear in her heart. Once her brother stabilized she took her camera into the city and got lost behind her lens. Those photos were the birth of this calendar.

Which is what you hold now. A six years long dream come true. Part inspiration sharing, part personal favorite photos of the city of San Francisco.

A professional photographer, Laura tries to gives viewers a small glimpse of the beauty and inspiration that San Francisco continues to provide for her despite being “across the pond”. She is happy to share her view of her favorite city. She hopes you find at least a spark of inspiration in these pages throughout the year.

Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much)!